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Life, Love, V - Good News For A New Generation

Welcome To Life, Love, V! Good News For A New Generation

Welcome to Life, Love, VSo, you are living a healthier, more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle and you want a news website that reflects those values? We created Life, Love, V to bring you the latest in tech, fashion, culture, travel and other news to supplement that positive, upbeat lifestyle every week.

As we approach the spring of 2014, the trend towards a new norm of smart, beautiful, and progressive lifestyles that embraces a virtuous and harmonizing relationship with the planet is becoming more and more clear. We offer you good reads as you live, work and play in world that you are changing for the better.

You’ve already made the choice to live a cruelty-free life that minimizes your environmental footprint, so you won’t be seeing the bazillion different reasons for choosing a plant-based lifestyle as there are already multitudes of websites with that kind of information.

Instead, we’ll bring you news about all the wonderful things that are happening in the world because you and an increasing number of others are making a conscious choice to live well. Of course, there will be interesting news that will get you to think differently and excite your senses that have nothing to do with what you eat, wear or how you are entertained but they will be aligned with your values of a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

We are just starting out so please bear with us as we settle into our rhythm. For starters, we will be publishing a new article once a day, Monday through Thursday, starting next week on the 3rd. Our first article will feature a young entrepreneur,  philanthropist, designer, artist, animator, illustrator, and author.

We hope that you enjoy reading our articles, and share the ones you think your friends and family would want to know about. If, for any reason, you feel we are not giving you the kind of news you’d like, we want to hear about it. What are we missing? How can we do better? Let us know; we’re always interested in improving Life, Love, V for you.

If there is a story you think we should cover, send us a tip. If you’d like to submit a guest post, hey, that’s even better. We’ll publish a short bio with your guest post. It’ll be win-win.

There you have it. Our greetings and promise to you. Before you go, please be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and join us on Google Plus; whichever social media you prefer. We will be posting interesting bits of information on those social media sites that do not call for a full story here on Life, Love, V.

Thank you for finding us and we hope you share Life, Love, V with others. Your healthier, compassionate and sustainable choices have started humanity on a journey to build a better world for all. We hope to show you many of the different ways we are getting there.

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Kamal S. Prasad

Editor-in-chief at Life, Love, V
Kamal likes to think of himself as a Renaissance man.
He has a degree in Physics, taught high school, worked for NASA, written a children's book, made movies, made a phone app, founded People Powered Peace and still has a ton to do. Besides writing for and managing LLV, he is working on starting his own plant-based butter business while working as a information technology specialist. His personal blog can be found at kamalprasad.com.
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