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A Bollywood Approach to Gay Rights

Bollywood WelcomeAs a gay rights activist with several gay friends, I’ve seen my share of campaigns. The one that is trending right now, though, is pretty unique. It’s the first Bollywood music video for gay rights from the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission’s Free & Equal campaign. Featuring Free & Equal ambassador and actress Celina Jaitley and playback singer Neeraj Shridhar of Bombay Vikings fame,  the video includes a catchy jingle that is a remake of a popular old Bollywood song. The video depicts Celina singing happily on what appears to be her wedding day, but then the story takes a twist when two gorgeous men show up, and there’s a stereotypical grumpy-pants grandma involved…but don’t let me spoil it – watch it for yourself!

The video is called The Welcome, and what a fitting name. It’s about time Indian culture not only accepted, but welcomed gay couples into their societies. The grumpy-pants grandma stereotype isn’t far from the truth, as elders are often quick to judge and reject gay family members. This video plays a small but important role in highlighting how that negative sentiment is shifting to one of warm acceptance. After all, love is love.

Image credit: Free & Equal

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