Guidelines for Life

crystal-kristall-meditation-2117704-hAs an entrepreneur, scientist, and spiritual healer, I often think about how to better integrate life and work. After all, my passion to heal the world drives my work, and work is a huge part of my life, so I see work-life balance as simply life balance, if you know what I mean. Whether I’m acting in a personal or professional context, I’m always looking for insights on self-improvement and harmony. It seems that prioritizing self-care, expanding creativity and sense of possibility, and cultivating uplifting relationships with healthy boundaries are essential to balance.  

Nurturing the self can include staying connected to good energy, staying away from negative energy, and knowing what feelings and responsibilities are yours, and which belong to others, so we don’t take things personally. On a more fundamental, physical level, self-care involves restful sleep, nutritious food, enjoyable exercise, and periodic cleansing of toxins. And, spring is a good time to do some inner spring cleaning. Just saying.

Creativity arrives easily when we are relaxed, so stress reduction is important and can be achieved through meditation, fun, and good self-care. Expansion of one’s creativity happens when we try out new experiences, embrace failures as lessons, and let go of the past to make room for more of what life has to offer. What did you let go of lately? What new experience did you enjoy this week?

Healthy relationships and solid boundaries include following our own and others’ actions more closely than words so we can see what’s really going on, offering and asking for respect from all the people we interact with, and giving back to communities so we can pay forward the goodness we have received. Another important aspect of healthy relationships is to surrender expectations so we can be present with people as they are, instead of interacting with our wishful versions of people, which always disappoint. We can also benefit greatly by focusing on the big picture instead of every little thing.

As we navigate an ever-changing landscape that is life, these rules of thumb can come in handy.

Image credit: alicepopkorn via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 

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