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Nations Embrace Plant-Based Diets
Using 3D Printers To Save Lives
Mint Helps You Track Income And Expenses, For Free!
Leaders: Business Is The Future Of Holistic Change
Our goals and ambitions for Life, Love, V.

GenerationVeggie.org – An Online Resource For The Modern, Plant-based Family.

The Branchesi FamilyReannon Branchesi (Ree-Ann-Nin Bran-Kay-Zee) has been vegan since 2001 and a mom to identical twin girls since 2012. She has worked for animal rights nonprofit organizations since 2003, including six years at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Currently, she manages Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals Program. She is a lover of cake, running and exercise enthusiast, and a singer who is currently focused on making up songs about her children brushing their teeth and putting on their socks. She is a native Wisconsinite who, after living in southeastern Virginia for 9 years, is now based Madison, WI with her husband, Jay, and her favorite gals, Isabel and Abigail.

Pregnant with twins and not finding much in the way of online resources to help her through her pregnancy, Reannon decided to create GenerationVeggie.org, a website for vegan and vegetarian families. She has started an Indiegogo Campaign to help raise funds for this project. We reached out to her via email to find out about the project and get some advance tips for plant-based families.

What is your elevator pitch for GenerationVeggie.org? GenerationVeggie.org will be a one-stop resource for everything related to plant-powered kids, including recipes, nutrition advice, product recommendations, community forums, humane education resources, stories from real-life families, practical tips for everyday challenges, and much more!

What inspired you to start GenerationVeggie.org? Is it something you were looking for and didn’t find, and thought of creating? Was it suggested by others? I had the idea for GenerationVeggie.org in late 2011. I was a few months pregnant and shocked by the lack of information available online about vegan pregnancy and family life. I felt especially without an anchor after I learned we were having twins — there is almost nothing online about vegan multiples and it freaked me out. There was no community, in general, and while I found several nice blogs, many were recipe-focused and didn’t discuss things I was curious about — animal-friendly baby products, supplement considerations for pregnant women and young kids, and most importantly, how to help explain animal rights to a young child. It may seem obvious, but I wanted to read something that went beyond “animals are our friends, and it’s mean to eat them.” I’m very lucky to have a large network of vegan friends with kids, but not everyone has that support. When I got pregnant, I had been vegan for 10 years and had worked as a “professional vegan” for most of that time. I realized that if I had doubts and was craving more support it had to be much worse for other pregnant women without my sort of social network. So, the idea for GenerationVeggie.org was born. It’s taken me more than two years to get it off the ground because, well, I’ll refer you to the part about how I have twins. :) Continue reading

Leaders: Business Is The Future Of Holistic Change

world econ forumA recent article in the Huffington Post has beautifully captured what leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos are calling for: change that addresses not just the economy and science, but health and spiritual well-being as well.

What’s more, the integration needed isn’t just across disciplines, they say, but across sectors such as business, industrial, educational and others, with women in central roles.

Notably, leaders are redefining success in terms of happiness, not just money. And, profit-making is being left behind as an incomplete goal of business; global change makers are calling for a new vision of business as a vehicle for change, and a force for good, beyond profits alone.

It’s promising that multinational CEO types are making these statements.  Many leaders have already put these ideas into action. For example, former McDonald’s executives now run Lyfe Kitchen, which states sustainability as one of it’s core values.

Also, Method has revolutionized cleaning products by eliminating toxins, using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and recently merging with Ecover to form what they call the world’s largest green cleaning company. The time is certainly ripe for what leaders in Davos are calling “seismic” change.

Image credit: Robert Scoble via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. 

Source: Huffington Post

Maya 4 The World

MayaEvery once in a while we come across an exceptional story. Meet Maya Shea Penn.

Her story starts off in a pretty simple way: Maya decided to do something about a common problem that often goes unnoticed, namely the fact that our clothing typically contains harsh chemicals and toxins.  But, when we look at what Maya actually did, the story becomes remarkable.

At the tender age of eight, Maya started her own clothing line. An innovative entrepreneur, Maya uses fruit, vegetable and herbal tea-based dyes and organic fabrics for her products.

At thirteen now, she is the CEO of her clothing company, Maya’s Ideas, author of a children’s book on sustainable practices called Lucy and Sammy Save the Environment, and executive director of Maya’s Ideas 4 the Planet, her nonprofit.

In a personal communication with Life, Love, V, Maya mentioned that she puts the environment and animals first, and while she may on occasion reuse vintage animal-based materials such as wool, she does not use new leather or wool. Her actions speak of her depth of care for the planet: she will reuse materials, which is better than discarding them, and she will avoid exploiting animals for her products whenever possible.

Through her prolific enterprising nature, Maya eloquently demonstrates the true meaning of sustainability: offering planet-friendly products so that all of life may thrive now and in the future. She is a stellar example of the paradigm shift currently underway, from destructive, greedy, and short-sighted business, toward nurturing, chic, and sustainable enterprises. Bravo!

Image credit: Maya’s Ideas.

Source: Inhabitots

Welcome To Life, Love, V! Good News For A New Generation

Welcome to Life, Love, VSo, you are living a healthier, more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle and you want a news website that reflects those values? We created Life, Love, V to bring you the latest in tech, fashion, culture, travel and other news to supplement that positive, upbeat lifestyle every week.

As we approach the spring of 2014, the trend towards a new norm of smart, beautiful, and progressive lifestyles that embraces a virtuous and harmonizing relationship with the planet is becoming more and more clear. We offer you good reads as you live, work and play in world that you are changing for the better.

You’ve already made the choice to live a cruelty-free life that minimizes your environmental footprint, so you won’t be seeing the bazillion different reasons for choosing a plant-based lifestyle as there are already multitudes of websites with that kind of information.

Instead, we’ll bring you news about all the wonderful things that are happening in the world because you and an increasing number of others are making a conscious choice to live well. Of course, there will be interesting news that will get you to think differently and excite your senses that have nothing to do with what you eat, wear or how you are entertained but they will be aligned with your values of a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

We are just starting out so please bear with us as we settle into our rhythm. For starters, we will be publishing a new article once a day, Monday through Thursday, starting next week on the 3rd. Our first article will feature a young entrepreneur,  philanthropist, designer, artist, animator, illustrator, and author.

We hope that you enjoy reading our articles, and share the ones you think your friends and family would want to know about. If, for any reason, you feel we are not giving you the kind of news you’d like, we want to hear about it. What are we missing? How can we do better? Let us know; we’re always interested in improving Life, Love, V for you.

If there is a story you think we should cover, send us a tip. If you’d like to submit a guest post, hey, that’s even better. We’ll publish a short bio with your guest post. It’ll be win-win.

There you have it. Our greetings and promise to you. Before you go, please be sure to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and join us on Google Plus; whichever social media you prefer. We will be posting interesting bits of information on those social media sites that do not call for a full story here on Life, Love, V.

Thank you for finding us and we hope you share Life, Love, V with others. Your healthier, compassionate and sustainable choices have started humanity on a journey to build a better world for all. We hope to show you many of the different ways we are getting there.

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