Help Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) Win Contest

FFAC tries to pull a hat trick by winning contest three times in a row.As its name implies, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC) was created to bring attention to the health, environmental and social impact of industrial farming of non-human animals. They do this via giving presentations to schools and community organizations. They also plan and execute campaigns like Ditch The Dairy.

One of FFAC’s most successful projects has been securing $40,000 worth of advertising on BART, the San Francisco Bay Area’s public transit system. The prize is awarded via a public voting contest on Facebook.

FFAC has won this contest two years in a row and hope to pull off a hat trick this year by winning it again.

Over 300,000 people use BART daily, so winning this contest will allow FFAC to bring the ill effects of factory farming to a whole lot of people who would otherwise remain oblivious to this important issue.

For people who may have seen the ads in the past and not taken action, winning this contest will allow FFAC to remind them of the power of their food choices. As they note on their website, “Every meal we eat can be a powerful form of activism.”

Not everyone has the ability or means to take part in protests or other types of social action. But, everyone has to eat. And by making conscious choices about how we nourish our bodies, everyone has the power to create a better world for all living beings.

It takes only a few seconds to participate but your vote in helping FFAC win this contest will make a world of difference to someone who might otherwise never see this message. Please vote for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition on the BART Blue Sky Contest page on Facebook and share it with others who may be interested in raising awareness of this important issue.

Image credit: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

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