Gift Economy Allows Abundance

everystockphoto-417134-h gift econWhat if you made trust your medium of business transactions? One Philadelphia-based web designer did just that, and the results have been “life-changing.”

Adrian Hoppel decided he would not charge money for his website designing skills; instead he would trust clients to pay what they felt was fair. Hoppel was fed up of a system that valued hard work for the smallest fee possible, so he decided on the gifting path. He read Sacred Economics and then started offering his services as gifts.

His results have been incredible. He created 22 websites in 2012 and was paid for every one of them; in many cases he was paid more than he would have been in the traditional market system. Now that’s uplifting!

In a recent interview, Hoppel states he and his wife, who has qualifications in engineering and law but directs a nonprofit, are working things out so they can support their family of four. It’s inspiring that this couple has placed trust and doing good at the heart of their professional lives. It takes courage, hope, and aligned action — qualities we can all admire in them, and strive to better embody in our own lives.

Source: Adrian Hoppel

Image credit: Tirch via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. 

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